Cathy Brooks

Communications Coach/Canine Counselor

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Cathy Brooks

Communications Coach/Canine Counselor

Cathy is a career communications professional whose work has ranged from radio to television, newspaper and digital platforms. She started in radio and after getting a degree in Journalism from Northwestern University, her career path turned through Silicon Valley. While there she worked in public relations, event content curation, and business development.

In 2012 after being invited to explore the redevelopment of Downtown Las Vegas, Cathy took an opportunity to turn a life-long passion of canine behavioral study into a full-time career, opening The Hydrant Club in Las Vegas, NV. Eschewing the label of “dog whisperer”, Cathy prefers to call herself a “canine counselor”.

She applies her lifetime as a communications professional and student of canine behavior to facilitate better communication between dogs and their humans. She does this through private instruction and an award-winning facility, teaching everything from behavioral modification to basic and advanced obedience.

It was through this work another light bulb went off and Cathy realized by exploring the dog-human connection, she could transform how people communicate – making sure messages land and facilitating connections that lead to success. In 2021 she launched Unleashed Leadership LLC – a media, event and coaching business leading people to financial and personal success through effective and powerful communication (between humans).

Unleashed Leadership includes the weekly show, Talk Unleashed, a live event series, and private/group coaching. Her mission goes beyond helping businesses thrive, to a vision of a world made better by supporting people in more effective and authentic communication with each other.


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